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We don’t design for brands we design for people interacting with brands.

Good design is the shop window of a good marketing strategy and a good logo is certainly an influencer when making purchasing decisions.

The old adage that first impressions last is still very much alive and kicking in the marketing world.  The psychology behind encounter a brand, a website, a flyer for the first time is priceless to us.

We believe in great design from outdoor posters to social media posts, it’s all got to look smart.

Are you looking for a complete rebrand, reposition, a refresh?  These are questions we often ask.  Which ever one you need for your business we only offer you bespoke changes, everything we do is design led by a UK based real life graphic designer.

Graphic Design

If you’ve read our page on Marketing, you’ll know that when you hire Coya, you will benefit from 20 years of marketing experience which will deliver the results you want – whether that’s more sales, a different public image or something completely different.

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