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Every project is different but we have proven strategies that we implement for each of them, that's how we know it works!

the brief

Talking to you and asking you all the relevant questions is the only way to understand where you want to get to. Our one-on-one sessions allow us to understand your business and what it means to you from you. After all, you are the best person to ask about the business and your market.


Following on the brief we go home and learn everything there is to know about your business and your market. It is at this point that ideas appear and our post-it board starts getting colourful!

strategy implementation

After the ideas have been organised and we have discussed the plan with the client, the fun times begin and its time to implement the strategy and get the sales flowing in!

Creativity, structure and delivery is at the heart of everything we do
Shelly Barratt
Founder - Coya Marketing

Making things possible

Reaching a deep understanding of what our clients need is the fundamental part of our business

How do we do this?

• We interrogate your product or service to uncover its star qualities
• We work closely with you to understand all of the sales process
• We unravel the purchasing journey
• We talk to your customers to understand their experience
• We work out how to motivate customers to ‘want what you have’
• We deliver marketing strategies based on clear evidence
• We act as your external Marketing Department
• Insights from your existing clients will gather new ones

When needed, we employ teams of talented experts and professionals who co-work with us in order to turn your dreams into reality. This gives our clients access to experts in all sorts of on and offline marketing activities, such as Cloud applications and eCommerce sales platforms, without the costs associated with the increase in overheads.

"One of the most critical factors for business success is the ability to move at the speed of change!"

Shelly Barratt

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