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What would gaining exposure in the right media mean for your business?

Once upon a time, PR firms – or public relations firms, to give them their full title – had it easy.

Something newsworthy would be happening, or someone would have an interesting story to tell, and all they had to do was tell it.

With mega-selling newspapers and magazines with page after page of space to fill, and hundreds of journalists desperate to make their name, getting good stories in the press wasn’t the hardest thing in the world.

It’s different now. The internet revolution has hit the world of print media hard, and getting a story – no matter how good it might be – into print and online has never been tougher.

With fewer journalists to work on the press releases that were formerly just the starting point for a news story or feature, and still fewer photographers at those papers ready to take the all-important pictures, the story has to be almost complete by the time it lands on the journalists’ desks.

And even if it’s a great story, well told and with fantastic pictures, that’s often not enough – without video, papers’ online-obsessed news teams won’t be interested.

Coya, let’s not forget, is a marketing agency. Not a PR firm. But when we’re putting a PR package together for your company, the experts we will call on to deliver that package will be former journalists who know how to find a story and write it. They will be professional photographers who will deliver outstanding photographs worthy of any newspaper or magazine. And they will be top notch videographers who will create exceptional video guaranteed to generate more ‘clicks’ or ‘hits’ for any website.

Of course, PR isn’t just about getting your name into the press. The reason PR and marketing are a little inter-changeable in many people’s minds is that the end result is the same for both. It’s all about making sure the feeling you want people to have about your business is the feeling they do have about your business.

PR can be putting an event together. PR can be staging a flashmob in Liverpool city centre on a Saturday afternoon. PR can be entering your one-year-old start-up for a Best Newcomer prize at a prestigious business awards.

Whatever needs to be done, we will do it. With Coya, your PR package will be governed by one thing and one thing alone: what is best for your business.

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