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Well attended events with style!

We put on a good event at Coya. Sometimes we wish we could clone ourselves and form an event management company to make even better use of our event management skills.

Until that happy day comes, though, we will just have to continue to use our organisational skills to provide another fantastic service to every business who both a) hires us and b) needs an event organising.

That’s the key with Coya; we are first and foremost a marketing agency and you’ll only discover how good we are at putting on events and inviting the right people to them if your business needs one.

When you come to us to take care of your marketing, we’ll do a frightening amount of research and put together a proposal to best achieve what you want us to achieve.

If, for example, what you wanted was to make your business better known in a certain geographical area, that proposal might well include putting on an event and inviting lots of people from that area who are also your potential clients.

That event would be beautifully orchestrated, perfectly executed and a credit to you and your company. Crucially, all the invited guests would go away knowing all about your business, what you do and how brilliantly you do it.

Many of those guests may well have only been there in the first place because, even if we say so ourselves, we have gained something of a reputation as a marketing firm which knows how to put on an event and put it on well.

Others will have been there because we would have used our army of contacts and social media channels to publicise it.

Ultimately, if we put on an event in your name then it will be to achieve a specific purpose. And, what’s more, it will achieve that purpose. That’s a promise.

So, yes, we’re good at event management. And, yes, we’re like having an event management department on your team.

But – and it bears repeating – if we don’t feel that a time-consuming and costly event will advance your cause then we won’t suggest one.

“Coya has worked on events for the Flintshire Tourism Association for a number of years and we have always found the events well organised and always very well attended.”

John Les Tomos. Chairman FTA & Mold Food Festival

We do our thing so you can do yours

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