There is no going back we are smack bang in the middle of the Digital Age. To get your message out amongst the plethora of digital platforms you need astute digital marketing. Digital Marketing that can increase sales by understanding the online channels your clients use. To use digital well you need smart people who understand your business first plus how online activity, customer behaviour and design all work together. Great digital marketing is when all of these come together.

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Social Media

Building your business using the medium of Social Media only is a very long game. However, if you plan to use it with other promotional tactics it does help to engage with consumers but it works so much better with other methods too.

A good Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram page can certainly increase you online presence and give you great exposure when done correctly but it not the only thing to pay attention to.

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Content Marketing

When creating digital marketing and campaigns you need a lot of content.

We offer the full service for a website and any online digital campaigns that include all the words. This is what content marketing really its the planning, strategy and execution of the words and all the behind the scenes work.

We help you to change some of your current marketing practices and update them to make them more relevant to your target audience. We offer skill sharing training as well looking after all your digital marketing so you understand why things are done and how.

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"The question isn't what do we want to know about people, it's what do people want to tell about themselves"

Mark Zuckerberg


Social Media Marketing
A social media presence has become a must-have in the digital world. And although you're probably already using social media for your business, our question is, are you achieving the results you expect? With so many social media platforms, it can be a daunting task just finding out which channels are right for your business, that's why our team performs in-depth research into your brand and target audience to ensure that your social media strategy is reflecting you perfectly
Now, we all know that the best website/blog/post means nothing if no-one can find it. SEO, is all about increasing the visibility of your pages/posts/adverts which is classed as 'organic' traffic under search results. The higher you rank in a search engine’s results, then the more likely users to click through to your website. Our team can help you with this, because we know that more traffic results in more leads consequently increasing your sales
Digital Advertising
If you would like a hand to get started on social media we can set up your business accounts, advise on social media management platforms and plan and implement a number of campaigns and ads to get you going! Our services come either on a rolling month to month basis or just a one day wonder. The choice is yours! We can help you interact with customers online, so just holla us back and we can get cracking

How do we do this?

It's quite simple actually....

We will:

• Build your online identity by offering lots of content styles for you to choose from
• Help you build your business through social media engagement
• Create social media strategies and short-term campaigns
• Generate customer-led campaigns to boost your brand, traffic and sales
• Constantly track results
• Build strong online communities
• Offer a cost effective service
• Give you the option of writing and releasing blogs for you
• Link all of your Digital Marketing efforts with SEO
• Create ads on demand based on in-depth research of target audience and expected results

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