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Digital marketing

We know what you’re thinking. What exactly is digital marketing?

It sounds like the kind of profession that people make up for themselves when they don’t actually know what they’re doing.

Calling yourself a digital marketing consultant can sometimes mean you will post an update a day on social media, or you’ll put together a new website, or you’ll write and send out email newsletters.

There are a lot of them about. If you’ve typed digital marketing consultant or digital marketing agency or online marketing agency into Google you’ll know this already. Perhaps that’s why you’ve ended up on this page.

At Coya, digital marketing is just one of the weapons in our marketing arsenal.

You’ll read this elsewhere on our website but, as you’re here and it bears repeating, we’ll repeat it. When you come to us to take care of your marketing, we’ll do a frightening amount of research and put together a proposal to best achieve what you want us to achieve.

Chances are, it being the 21st century, that the proposal will include some digital marketing proposals.

There is no going back we are smack bang in the middle of the Digital Age.

We might want to put an app together which can help you help your clients and, in the process, bring more clients in.

We might want to build a whizz-bang website which is chockful of information and optimised to be found on Google and every other search engine worth its salt.

We might want to use social media and messaging services like WhatsApp to put whatever you sell in front of the people who are most likely to buy it.

We might even want to do all of the above. We might not want to do any of them, or we might want to do others we haven’t spoken about at all.

But the way Coya operates – we work as a hub, putting a bespoke team together for each client made up of people who are brilliant in their fields – guarantees you two things.

However we market you digitally, the people building the apps or designing the websites or creating the mail shots will be very good at it. Very, very good.

The second is this. Because we have very little to gain from offering you a service you don’t need, we won’t tell you that you need an app unless it will actually make a discernible difference. We won’t tell you your website needs redesigning unless it actually does need redesigning.

In short, we’re the digital marketers you can trust. We won’t waste your time.

Contact us today and find out more.

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