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Good design is the shop window of a good marketing strategy.

If you’ve read our page on Marketing, you’ll know that when you hire Coya, you will benefit from 20 years of marketing experience which will deliver the results you want – whether that’s more sales, a different public image or something completely different.

One of the ways we will change whatever it is that you want changing is by using good design.

Design isn’t just making sure your flyers look nice. Or that your website is pretty and your promotional materials are professional.

It’s about how people see you.

Good design can tell people anything you want it to tell them, without them even realising it.

When you hire Coya, we will start the way we always start – by meeting you, asking what you want to change about your business and then getting stuck into our research.

That research will then form the root of what we do next: changing what needs to be changed.

We might tell you that your company needs a new logo. We might tell you that your company needs its website looking at. We might tell you that your colours need changing, or your font needs a refresh, or your images aren’t right.

If you’re happy, we will then go about changing them, using the best designers – we’ve talked elsewhere about how we only work with experts in their field – to create a bespoke design which will power everything with your name on it.

That’s everything. That’s your flyers. Your website. Your business cards. Your newsletters. Your letter-heads. The images that go out on social media.

In short, we will be your in-house graphic design agency. Anything that needs designing, we will design. Anything that needs producing, we will produce.

We might tell you that your current designs are just fine, or you might not want a total rebrand. That’s OK too; we can work with existing branding templates to create marketing materials if you’d rather.

Either way, we will ensure that everything that’s associated with your company is recognisable as your company.

We’re like having a graphic design agency on your team – a graphic design agency which will produce results. Contact us today and find out more.

We do our thing so you can do yours

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