Yasmin Shares Her Work Experience Thoughts

Six Weeks’ Worth of Beatings with Coya Marketing

After completing my first year of University in Reading, I thought it would be a good idea to get some work experience to help my future employment prospects and help gain good grades in Uni. Back home in North Wales I searched the internet for Marketing Consultancies and came across Coya Marketing in Chester who, after an informal interview at a Chester indi coffee shop, gave me the chance to do a 6 week placement.

As I write this blog (my first blog by the way), my 6 weeks is now up and I realise that Marketing isn’t what I thought it was – it’s not just about selling the sizzle and not the sausage all day long but it’s actually all about people.

yasmin2To get a result I needed to get other people I had never met or spoken to before, to do things for me so I could achieve a goal set out by my new boss. It was the general work life skills, I suppose, that I hadn’t really consciously thought about in the world of work. And it is these skills that I really had to adapt and adjust to make myself useful, that have made this experience invaluable to me. I learnt that I can now do ‘persistence’. Pushing people to do things is one thing I’ve always felt uncomfortable about, but now having to drive people to do something in a timescale, so that I can achieve a print deadline for a client, is quite liberating for me, and something I didn’t know I had in me.

Now, after completing 6 weeks of experience with Shelly, the owner’s fast paced work ethic, I have gained a gut feeling of what sector of marketing I wanted to base my future career around. Working within a smaller company gave me the perfect opportunity to view so many specializations that I didn’t really know existed such as public relations, social media, email marketing, events and clientele liaisons. It was all new to me and something I hadn’t learnt in Uni.

I gained a 360 degree view of the Marketing World, and I think I like it. So now I go back to University with renewed confidence in myself and my ability, and with  a head for business (well, a little bit anyway).

Thanks Shelly and Olive for the time, and patience. I promise to give 10% of all future Marketing earnings from now on.

Love Yasmin x


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