Using Marketing To Win Work in Construction…Really?

Construction companies are great at doing what they do; creating iconic buildings that shape our built environment for generations to come. Granted, projects may not always run on time – or on budget – but nevertheless, the construction sector has provided us with some pure feats of engineering.

One thing construction companies aren’t so good at is marketing. Now before you grab your pitchforks, I’m not saying that ALL construction companies are doing a poor job at marketing; I am merely pointing out that as an industry, when compared to other sectors, it could possibly use a little helping hand. And that’s OK, because thankfully a degree in marketing is not a critical success factor when it comes to the Design & Build of a poetic masterpiece such as The Shard.

However, if you want to survive in the ever- increasingly competitive world of construction, it’s about time you took note from the “Colouring In” department downstairs…. Why?



Because the companies that have cottoned on to marketing will have the advantage over you. Believe it or not, cash is no longer king when it comes to awarding Public Sector Contracts. Client needs are changing. Publications such as “Construction 2025: Industrial Strategy” tell us this.

The rise of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) agenda and the enforcement of The Social Value Act (2013) illustrates this. Believe it or not, marketing can help you achieve these agendas. Social media: hands up, how many of you have Twitter accounts for your business? I am guessing a few do, so I’ll ask another question: how many of you use these Twitter accounts? Yep, I see a few hands drop. If you had been using your account, you would have been able to follow the Department of Business on Twitter (@bisgovuk)…. You would have seen that on the 2nd July 2013, they tweeted the release of their infamous “Construction 2025: Industrial Strategy”…. Consequently, you would have been able to read and familiarise yourself with upcoming agendas such as BIM, Social Value and changes in Procurement…. You would have been able to take a proactive approach to align yourself with these Government agendas; training your employees, updating processes and most importantly improving your competitive advantage.

Not only is marketing a great listening tool, it is also a great way to showcase all the fabulous things your company does too! Won an award? Write a blog… Tweet about it! Created a building that defies all conceivable design? Take a picture! Post it on Instagram! Show your community the great work you are doing!

At Coya we understand that marketing may not be high on your agenda, but it can be, and the above highlights just a couple of reasons why. We understand that you may not have the time or resources to utilise marketing to its full potential, that’s why we offer an outsourced marketing approach to meet your company requirements and budget. We have  extensive experience of working with a range of SME’s in the construction sector, this colouring department has done good for many a company. Give us a call and we will share some of our crayons with you.

Written by Emily Strickland Account Director Coya Marketing

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