Hot design, magical marketing strategies, digital whizz-kids and great customer experiences – welcome to Coya Marketing.

We combine creative thinking, strategic planning and a little thoughtfulness with digital expertise – and that’s when magical marketing happens.

Strategy, planning and delivery is the name of the marketing game – and we are the experts. Our strength lies in working with you to create a structured plan so you can attract and retain your customers long after our work is done. We know the importance of winning over customers and retaining their trust and loyalty.

So are you ready? Great. Let’s blaze this trail.


"Good creativity only delivers results when backed by a solid strategy and supporting activity."

Communicating in a creative way gets you noticed, which is why we love Guerilla marketing strategies. Guerilla marketing is an unconventional strategy to promote businesses’ products and services with a limited budget. It involves a series of creative and strategic techniques designed to build and maintain public awareness about a person, place, product or event.

When using Guerilla techniques you are required to really think outside the box and create some very unusual campaigns.

But regardless of the marketing technique you choose to use, we will always use tailor-made, highly-effective marketing strategies that will get your brand and business noticed.

We’re known for coming up with ideas and plans that build genuine, long-lasting connections between our customers’ brands and their target customers.

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