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We help you to define a marketing strategy to connect with audiences and deliver results.

Marketing is what we do at Coya. We are a North Wales marketing agency and we create bespoke, top quality, high end marketing strategies which produce results.

That’s what every marketing firm says, though, isn’t it? So what’s the difference with Coya? You know you need some marketing help, you’ve set a budget aside for it, but there’s a million and one marketing strategists out there all promising the same results. So why use us? That’s the question you really want answering, isn’t it?

Marketing isn’t black magic. It’s a process, pure and simple; a process in which good quality research forms the basis of a marketing strategy which then leads to the right results.

The first difference with Coya comes at the very top. Managing Director Shelly Barratt has more than 20 years’ marketing experience and she is at the heart of EVERY marketing strategy we put together. Every single one. It won’t get farmed out to a work experience lad or a wet-behind-the-ears newbie just finding their feet. That’s 20 years of proven, effective marketing experience just waiting for you to tap into it.

Those 20 years of experience means Shelly not only understands the different target markets; she knows where to do her research and how to understand it, too.

After meeting you, Shelly will do her research into the best way to achieve the results you want – it could be more sales, it could be a higher profile, it could be something else entirely – and that research will power an effective, powerful marketing strategy for your business.

The top end service doesn’t stop with Ms Barrett, though. At Coya, we don’t spend our customers’ hard-earned cash on an enormous office and staff; instead, we work as a hub, using our enviable contact book to put a team together for each client. That way, we can ensure that anything which needs doing is done by somebody who’s brilliant in that field.

You’re a pharmaceutical company and you need some blogs writing? We’ll get someone in who’s an expert in pharmaceuticals and blog-writing (they really exist).

Your website would really benefit from some 360º video? We’ll bring in a high end videographer.

So are you ready? Great let’s blaze this trail!

You get the picture. Working with Coya is like working with the best social media agency you can find, the best website consultancy you can find, the best event organiser you can find, the best Graphic Design agency you can find and the best copywriter you can find – but only having to deal with one person and only having to pay one bill.

What’s more, using one company to take care of all your marketing means that you don’t have to worry about everything co-ordinating; it will.

We’re like having a marketing manager on your team – a marketing manager who can guarantee results. Contact us today and find out more.

We do our thing so you can do yours

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