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Marketing Services For Hire

We are often viewed as an extension of your business.
You get the high skills you need, without hiring an employee.

As the saying goes….Always go for the talent.

How do we can make your business more visible? We have a system, we find your customers, we find your stories and we activate them in a creative way.

We do what we say we’re going to do. We deliver the marketing services we say we’re going to deliver. We’re all about results. Take that as a promise.

We keep our team small and we keep it creative. You pay for what you get; you don’t pay for fancy offices and lots of skills and systems that you’ll never need, you pay for the experts working with you on your business.

That makes us very cost effective. And worth a closer look don’t you think?

12 Years & Growing

We established a few years back with just one person and now we are a group of 6 professionals who all specialise in different types of marketing services from Strategic planning, graphic design to all things digital. Coya, on the boarder of North Wales and Shropshire is a Collaborative Marketing Agency in the business of invigorating companies marketing to make sales. We work a little differently to the normal agency approach because we are obsessed on delivering sound business development coupled with raw creativity. Creativity comes from pulling in all kinds of clever partners when working with Coya you are never just stuck with who is in the company, we can pull in other very talented partners such as the best Film Makers, Virtual Reality Producers, Illustrators, and Data Driven tech experts to name a few. Our collection of people specialising in their passion, when brought together brings great spirit and super smart working… our culture makes collaborative working work for businesses as we come with all the bells and whistles but without the extreme costs of other agencies need to charge.

Our Method – Creativity, structure, and delivery is at the heart of everything we do for you.

We think backwards and start at the end, what the dream looks like. Rather than beginning with your product and planning routes to your target audience, we work in reverse. We begin by looking at the very end of the process and start with your customers working the trail back from how they purchase. This is the big secret in marketing, to make clever ideas work you have to know who’s interested in the first place. We are often viewed as an extension of your business because we work in close collaboration with you.

We do our thing so you can do yours

Coya Marketing, Courtyard Collective, Abbots House, Shrewsbury, SY1 1UW | Tel 01978 510142