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Why use social media?

There’s a social media platform to suit all of us.

Using it for your business makes sense because it makes it possible to reach many potential clients who might not know you exist otherwise. 

We would rarely advocate relying on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram et al for all your marketing at the expense of all other methods, but ignoring it completely wouldn’t be wise either.

It’s expected for every business to have its own website – from the smallest start-up to the biggest multi-national – so every organisation is also expected to have its own Twitter feed, Facebook page and even Instagram account. Not to mention LinkedIn profile.

social media for business

Why use it?

Social media for business is a great way to gain exposure and it has increasingly become about customer service and recommendations. More and more people are turning to social media for suggestions on things to do, where to eat and even finding trusted tradesmen to carry out work. Reviews are important, make sure if you do a tip-top job your customer leaves you a review!

It’s important not to stretch yourself too thin, not all platforms are work for all businesses.

There’s no point spending hours and hours on every platform. Think about the customers you want, where do they spend their time online?

There are many management tools out there to help you too – TweetDeck, Hootsuite and Edgar are some of the better ones – you can schedule a week’s worth of updates all at once, making it even easier to keep your profile active.

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