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What is a journalist looking for?

We work with a lot of journalists at Coya but if you’re putting your own press release together then there are one or two important things to bear in mind.

Firstly, What is the story?

The best way to think about this is to imagine you’re telling your friend about it in the pub or over a coffee. What is the first thing you tell them about it? That’s your opening paragraph? Did they find it interesting?  Can you describe it succinctly in just one sentence so they get it? 

Secondly, are the facts right?

Or have you even written the facts is a good start. Give all the facts, who, where, when and why…if you can’t answer any of the W’s then write it again.  Then double check these facts. Writing about an event you’re organising and sending on a mistake like Saturday, June 23 when June 23 is a Friday. Whoever you’re sending it to will notice, and if they don’t have time to contact you to find out whether it’s Friday, June 23 or Saturday, June 24 they may just not bother with your press release at all. Facts are important.

Thirdly, does it have pictures and/or video?

A story with good video or any video is far more likely to make the cut than one without. 

Journalists are not mind readers!

Last but not least, include a contact phone number for the journalist and/or public to get in touch with you. They may want to check something without which the story will not make the cut. Give them that chance.

What is a journalist looking for?

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