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Business Planning

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Tourism & Regeneration Business Planning Marsh Tracks Rhyl, Denbighshire


Business Planning

The Brief

The then nameless project was a great idea that came from a terrible accident –  a cycling accident on the road. After losing his son, he planned to make a wasteland a safe place for people to enjoy cycling and learn to ride a bike in a safe environment away from traffic.

They had the idea, but they needed a business plan and a name, this is where Coya came in.

What’s in a name? Everything.

Marsh Tracks

The name of something is usually the first piece of information you learn about it… a name of a business or project needs to be memorable, tells people what to expect and recognisable.

Business Plan

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Marsh Tracks is now an award-winning venture, comprising of a 1.3 km closed circuit road cycling track, a national standard BMX race track and has recently opened a mountain bike track.

Business Planning

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